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We support in professionalizing asset funds and high net worth individuals who wants  to start up a charity foundation . Our strength is in finding and monitoring development projects and in managing the project administration. 


Reach Out supports in creating and developing of a concrete strategic executable plan.

We don’t do fundraising, accounting or legal / tax advice.

I’m Liesbeth. Networker and builder.

In 2009, Reach Out 2 is founded by Liesbeth Nagelkerke with the aim of informing, advising and assisting wealth funds in making strategic choices, executing their goals and managing their projectadministration.

Liesbeth Nagelkerke

Liesbeth is a builder with contagious enthusiasm and a hands-on mentality. She has been working for wealthy individuals and wealth funds since 2007 and since 2009 through her own company Reach Out 2. She is a networker with a lot of experience in setting up, (ANBI)foundations, collaborations, assessing and monitoring projects in the charity world, from culture and welfare projects in the Netherlands to development projects in several developing countries.

She has many years of experience in setting up and processing project administrations for wealth funds and excuting board meetings. She also works with volunteers where desirable. In her work she regularly has to deal with setting up new foundations and (process) structures. As a strategist she also guides boards in strategy sessions.

I’m Gert-Jan. Dedicated and involved

Since 2014, Gert-Jan has been supporting Liesbeth with all ongoing matters within Reach Out 2. He is versatile and prefers to approach everything with a pragmatic view. Because fate determines where your cradle stands (and therefore it is a matter of luck to be born in a safe and wealthy country like the Netherlands), he believes that this privilege creates an obligation towards people who have not been as lucky. Therefore, he is very drawn to the projects of Reach Out 2.