Reach Out Too wants to create progress for and with communities around the world. The emphasis is on communities in developing countries.


Reach Out Too was established to continue reconstruction work after the earthquake in Nepal, coordinated by Reach Out 2.

Thanks to the emergency aid more than 100,000 people have been provided with help, for which 300 volunteers have worked, and we have received 560,000 euros and spent 520,000 euros through our partners Karuna Nepal and SVSI. The remaining funds could be used for the reconstruction project that was to follow.

What a lot can happen in a short time and the world will be different forever.

During this period we did not work just like that but worked with dedication, heart and soul to reach as many people as possible as soon as possible. This gives a very strong feeling for all participants.

A full report you will find here Eindrapportage Noodhulp Nepal


After the much work we were able to do during the emergency aid, we decided with one of our local partners, Karuna Nepal Foundation, to continue the cooperation in the reconstruction phase.

The two main programs we carried out together are in three years:

  1. The reconstruction of all health clinics in 18 villages in the district of Rasuwa. Most of these clinics were completely destroyed during the earthquake, leaving some 40,000 people with little or no access to first aid facilities.
  2. In 5 of the 18 villages, we initiated integral activities to support the population to get back on their feet. Think of making schools accessible again so the children can go to school, mirco credits for farmers who have to start over again, etc. Attention is paid to the areas of health, education, empowerment and livelihood.


In 2017, the initiative was taken to set up a 100-bed children’s hospital in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, offering the highest quality care, information and prevention: the Kathmandu Institute for Child Health, KIOCH. The hospital is a non-profit company, with the government making its contribution and paying rich patients for poor patients.

With the establishment of the Kathmandu Institute for Child Health, neonatal and infant mortality in Nepal can be further reduced. By counselling (expectant) mothers during and after pregnancy and childbirth, the number of mothers who die during this period can be reduced.

The hospital will set an example with its impeccable reputation, its business model allowing everyone to receive care and its outreach in remote areas. As a result, it will play an important role in the overall improvement of child health care in Nepal.

The setting up of a children’s hospital is quite a (time) intensive project, in which there is a lot of contact with all kinds of experts, but also governments. Meanwhile, the land in Kathmandu has been leased by the government to KIOCH for a low price for the coming decades. The drawings for the building are in progress. After that the fundraising for the construction will start. After which the construction period will take at least 2 years. A long and intensive process, but with a great impact on the health of children in Nepal.

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President: ms. Helmi Doude van Troostwijk
Boardmember : ms. Kaat Burbidge – Van Velde
Treasurer : mr. Rob van Wechem
All board members are working unpaid.


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Reach out too raise funds. The funds are only used to support the objective of Reach Out Too.