By using our knowledge and skills Reach Out Too ’s aim is to create progress for and with communities in the world. Our focus is on communities in Developing Countries.


Reach Out Too is founded to continue the reconstruction after the earthquake in Nepal. Before this reconstruction Reach Out 2 coordinated the emergency help.

Thanks to all emergency help more than 100.000 people received help. This help came from 300 volunteers.
We received € 560.000 and spend € 520.000 by our partners Karuna Nepal and SVSI.
At lot can happen in a short period of time.

During this period people worked with a lot of passion and heart and soul to reach as much people as quick as possible. This created an enourmous solidarity among all participants.

What where the strenghts of this emercencyhelp?
• A fast and intensive communication with our partners and donors so that we could act quickly. From day 1 we were able to offer funds for buying medicines. With this we were more decisive than other organizations and literally saved lives and supplied shelter and food.
• Suppling the first shelters. These have become an enormous success. Other organisations adopted this and placed shelters in all affected areas . A consequence of the demand on shelters was a shortages of corrugated iron plates.
• Working with Nepalse Voluteers. During my visit i found out that a lot of organizations hired labour from other countries for the emergency help. However, just like in any other country, people would like the help their own people during the disaster. (just like in Dutch people did during the “watersnoodramp” (Flood) and the crash of the MH 17.) It aligns people. Communitywork is sort of mourning: People can do something. It is estimated that 2 mio Nepalse (of a total of 27 mio) have directly been affected by the earthquake. No everyone is a victim and those who were not affected like to help those who have.
• All the goods we’ve supplied were bought from locals. This stimulated the local economy.
• The cooperation with other organizations in the Netherlands but also in Nepal.

These were the challenges of the emergencyhelp:
• The coordination of all parties/organizations and people in order to streamline all activities. Even when you think that all is arranged still some surprises may happen (arrival of the Red Cross with the same aim)
• Good communication. A mistake or bad communication happens easily. Check, Check Double Check is very important. Despite all these checks things went wrong. An example is the supply of 70 “Waka Waka” solarlights. In our opinion we thought we could give 40 solarlights to people of our own choice and 20 to local organizations connected to the donor. In the donor’s opinion it was the other way around. Not a matter of life or death but it was annoying.
• The pressure to act quickly. In my opinion this led now and then to inefficiency. Sometimes the choice to do the right thing is hard. An example is the spontaneous relief offered to a family with a raped, mentally ill, daughter. This relief was very welcome and needed for the family but the consequence was a one day stop on the constructionwork of the shelters in Bhaktapur which led to a later response to other families with handicapped children. These are hard decisions, but if you look at the output less efficiency is the consequence.

A full report you will find here Eindrapportage Noodhulp Nepal


After all the work we did during the emergencyhelp through all the fantastic donation we received, we decided in dialogue with one of our local partners, Karuna Nepal Foundion (KNF), to continue our cooperation during the reconstruction. KNF’s job is to develop plans and programs and to fulfil these in the field. Reach Out Too foundation is responsible for the funding of these activities, keeping in touch with the donors and is in an actively involved in creating programs, activities and reports.
Two of the leading programs which we started together:
1)The reconstruction of all 18 healthclinics in 18 villages in the Rasuwa district. The majority of these clinics were fully destroyed during the earthquake. This led to inaccessibility to first aid facilities. This project is fully funded by the HAM Foundation. Their quick response to the donation request facilitated us to a direct start of the construction of the first 5 clinics.
2) In 5 of the 18 villages we started the holistic activities which will stimulate the population and help them to stand on their own feet again within a period of 3 years. These activities are p.a. the accessibility of schools, so kids can go to school again, microcredits for farmers who have to start again. Attention is paid to issues concerning health, education, empowerment and livelihood. If you’re interested in detailed plans please use the e-mail account A major part of the funding of these activities have been found. If you like to receive some information on the not funded activities please contact us on


In 2017 the initiative is taken to start a specialized children’s hospital in Kathmandu Nepal.
The Kathmandu Institute of Child Health offers with their 100 beds the highest quality in care, information and prevention. The hospital is a non-profit company with a contribution of the government and where rich patients accommodate to poor patients.
By establishing the Kathmandu Institute for Child Health the mortality rate of babies and children can be reduced on a larger scale. By guiding mothers during and after their pregnancy and delivery the number of mothers that pass away can be reduced.
The hospital will play an exemplary role with their impeccable reputation, it’s business model which offers care for everyone and it’s outreach to distant areas. Therefor the hospital will play an important role in the overall improvement of the children’s healthcare in Nepal.
You can find more information on


President: ms. Helmi Doude van Troostwijk
Secretary: ms.Marie -José Schouten
Treasurer : mr. Rob van Wechem
All board members are working unpaid.


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RSIN: 855366011
Reach Out too raises funds directly of the Reach Out 2 network. These funds are fully used to support Reach Out Too objectives.