Reach Out 2 for you

We are specialized in the fields of:

  • Professionalizing assets funds
  • Connecting networks
  • Managing project administrations


Most of the time when a foundation just has started a lot of questions occur like: How do I give a concrete form to my mission? Am I able and do I want to do this by myself? What things happens in this field?

You can achieve a lot with passion and energy. Inevitably this is the moment on which you have to decide: Am I going to expand my business or will I keep on operation on a smaller scale? Do I have a concept what can be rolled out? Is it possible to handle things in a different way and what do I achieve with this? Is it smart to cooperate? And if so, in which way?
How will my Foundation continue without me? Is this something I want?

Reach Out 2 helps. How? By looking together in what way we can transfer of your vision and views into a concrete plan. This can be done by for instance through strategic sessions with the board.

Connecting networks

Sometimes it is difficult for an asset fund to find the right direction. Because a lot of asset funds operate on their own and without publicity it is very difficult to find and learn from one another. But the need still exists. How do you find each other? How do you cooperate? And in what way can you cooperate with donor driven organizations which have a lot of useful experience?

Reach Out 2 helps. How? By primarily looking at your foundation. What is the quality/character of your foundation, yourself and your board? To which extend do you want to learn from others or is it information only you want? What would you like to achieve? By receiving multiple answers an profile develops with which interesting matches with other people and foundations can be made.

Reach Out 2 ‘s networks mainly operate in development countries.

Project Administrations

Would you like to monitor and follow your outstanding projects in a better way? We develop a solid project administration and monitor the continuation of the projects on your behalf. This makes it easier for you to keep several projects in your portfolio without taking extra time. And if you wish, we keep in touch with the foundations to which you donate.