Reach Out 2 for you

If your foundation has just been established, questions often arise such as: how do I concretise my objective? How and where can I find the right projects? How to make the right choices between projects that achieve the same thing on paper? What are important developments that influence my goal? What should be included in the reports? Do I want an ANBI status?

How will my foundation continue without me? Do I really want that? How can I involve my children in my foundation?

Reach Out 2 helps. How ?  Together we look at the translation of your vision and ideas into a concrete plan, finding the right networks so you get access to appropriate projects. But also by making processes clear.

Does your foundation have ANBI status, or do you want to receive it? We can take care of that for you and keep it up to date.


– Managing project administrations

– Finding and monitoring suitable projects

– Preparing and supervising board meetings

– Connecting networks


Do you have ongoing projects and would you like to monitor and follow them better? We set up a thorough project administration for you and monitor progress. This makes it easier for you to include multiple projects in your project portfolio at the same time without it is costing you a lot of extra time. If you wish, we can also operate as a contact person for the foundations to which you make the donations and visit the projects if necessary and useful.


Through the extensive network we have formed we are able to find the right and appropriate projects for you. The success of many projects depends on their way of working, and is also strongly related to the capacities of the people who do it. This monitoring and maintaining contact with the people behind the projects, we are happy to do this for you. This way you are always 1 phone call away from knowing how your projects are going.


With your own foundation you have at least two meetings a year. Preparing these meetings usually takes a lot of time. All projects must have delivered their reports on time, applications must be processed on time and submitted to the board. Then the feedback comes to all parties, payment requests must be forwarded to the treasurer, and the processing of the minutes and action and decision is the next step. We have developed a well-oiled routine in this respect and are happy to take care of this.


Finding the right way as an equity fund is often difficult. Because many equity funds operate by its own means and often without publicity, it is difficult to find each other. However, there is a need for this. How do you find each other? Do you want to enter into a partnership? Or just exchange experiences?

Reach Out 2 helps. How? By putting you in contact with other funds and boards that, like you, like to exchange knowledge and experience.